Corporate rental management in Houston

Make sure your property is always occupied and generating income, we’ll provide you with a full market analysis of the Houston area. Our corporate management services will help you drive a more profitable and scalable business with less stress.

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Are you looking for corporate rental property management in Houston and its surrounding areas?

Houston is renowned for its dynamic real estate ecosystem, with corporate rentals playing a major role. As an investor or business traveler in Houston's market, having a dependable partner to provide full-service solutions and manage your rental needs can make all the difference.

If you're an investor looking for the maximum occupancy of your property through comprehensive management services; our reliable support will ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

With this partnership comes insights into current trends across the city that are invaluable - now anyone can be prepared ahead when taking advantage of what Houston has to offer!

  • We do the heavy lifting, from marketing to mopping.

  • We advertise your home on multiple sites.

  • We guarantee a 100% guest response rate.

  • We help you earn more with dynamic pricing by monitoring competitors and market demand.

  • A local team you trust with 24/7 Guest Support.

  • 3D tour of your home for guests.

  • Managing cleaning services.

  • Local maintenance.

  • Guest local guidebook.

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We get the Buzz

Our cutting-edge, dynamic pricing strategy can keep rental rates in line with the latest supply and demand trends. Providing an outstanding balance between rental revenue and maximizing occupancy potential!

Guest Response


response rate



on yearly bookings



repairs and maintenance costs

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Onboarding OWNERS

Our team works tirelessly to ensure your guests have a perfect stay. With 24/7 availability and our expertise, we're here day or night for whatever they might need - so you can always be sure their expectations are exceeded!

  • Owners Handbook

  • Smart Technology

  • Coffee at the ready

  • Great communication

  • Copywriting for onboarding instructions

  • Guest Screening

corporate rental management companies houston

Attracting Guests

With Buzz Vacation Rentals, your home gets the attention it deserves – from professional photography to show-stopping drone imagery! We help you soar above the competition with tailored PPC and SEO strategies that draw on a broader pool of shoppers. Let's make sure your listing stands out for all the right reasons!

  • Professional Photography

  • SEM and SEO Strategies

  • 100% response rate

  • Leading pricing strategies

  • Get more ratings

  • Guest Screening

corporate rental management companies houston


Our commitment to top-notch home management at Buzz Vacation Rentals begins with a good cleaning. Our handpicked professional housekeeping vendors go the extra mile to deliver immaculate and well-maintained properties that impress your guests. And if you ever need another quality service provider for your property? We've got all the right connections!

  • 24/7 Local Support

  • Flawless Cleaning Services

  • Relationships with local vendors

  • CDC-Approved Cleans

  • Expert Design Services

  • Reduce costs on repairs and maintenance

corporate rental management companies houston

Finance, Taxes & Reporting

Protecting your money is our priority. We keep it secure in a trust account and ensure that all applicable taxes are collected, filed, and remitted on time with strict trust-based accounting principles. Let us handle the complexities - we've got this covered!

  • 24/7 Reporting

  • Effortless Taxes

  • Transparent updates and feedback

  • Trust Accounting

  • Sustainability focused

  • Risk Reversal

We make money when you make money.

Earn More. Worry Less. Happy Guests. Guaranteed!

short term rental property management company
short term rental property management company
Buzz Vacation Rentals

The Buzz Vacation team has extensive knowledge of the business, along with impeccable customer service ethics. This team has exceeded expectations in providing a turnkey management experience. They understand what it takes to satisfy guests and keep them returning for repeat business. Buzz Vacation Rentals has been the key ingredient in our Short-Term Rental Success.



short term rental property management company
short term rental property management company
Buzz Vacation Rentals

We own an upscale home located in the "Heights" in Houston, Texas. We have used the services of a large national vacation rental management company for a couple of years to manage this property. We switched to Buzz Vacation Rentals. Almost immediately, our income and occupancy rates increased significantly. We are pleased that Buzz Vacation Rentals takes the extra step to communicate with our guests and us. We do recommend Buzz Vacation Rentals to our friends and associates.



short term rental property management company
short term rental property management company
Buzz Vacation Rentals

BVR has managed my property for nearly a year, and it's been refreshing how hassle-free the process has been for me as a first-time landlord. Before starting with Buzz, I had heard stories of negligent property managers and nightmare guests. That hasn't been the case at all with Buzz. Their staff is professional, well-organized, and exceptional at keeping my property occupied with quality guests. With Buzz, I know that my investment property is in safe hands, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.



Get listed everywhere

Our homes are available to guests no matter where they may be. We ensure our listings have maximum marketing reach, resulting in the best booking performance possible. Plus, we've got direct bookings covered through our website!